Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

  • Mahira threatens Mahima that she will tell Kashvi the truth. Romila hears them. Karun finds a gun in his bag. Principal says I will call Karun’s Mom to come here; it is wrong to bring a gun to school. Adi makes Arjun stand with an apple on his head, aiming a gun at it. Arjun is tense. Vishal and Arpit look on, smiling.
  • A few hours before:
  • Mahira tells Mahima that if Kashvi tries to meet my son, I swear I will tell her about your drama. Mahima thinks of doing something, tells Mahira that she will feel something, and asks her to go home. Mahira says it will be better for you. Romila comes there and asks Mahima what the matter is.
  • Who is this woman? Mahima tells her that she had written Mahira’s name in the hospital file and says she is Neel’s mother.
  • She says Mahira threatened to expose me. Romila asks to what extent you will go to save Karun when you don’t love him. Mahima says she needs Karun so that Arjun stays with her and says she needs him; as you said, once Arjun becomes a civil officer, I can live a lavish life using his position. She says Karun has to stay with me. Romila asks her what she will do.
  • Arjun drops Karun to school and asks him to study well. Karun says I look, and that’s why I come first. He says I am a topper’s son. Arjun recalls Kashvi getting Rank 1 and hugging her. He tells Karun that he is like his partner for life. Karun asks who? Arjun says, my college partner. Karun asks him to get shoes for him. Arjun says they will buy shoes for him. He says you have forgotten tiffin. He opens her bag and puts tiffin in it. Karun goes inside.
  • Dadi comes to the office and asks Arjun why he is playing with Kashvi’s happiness. Arjun asks what did I do? Dadi says how can you give the wrong info to Adi? Arjun says about the waxing. Dadi says you have ruined her life by marrying Mahima and asks if Kashvi has no right to be happy.
  • Arjun tries to clarify. Dadi tells her that Kashvi has the right to be satisfied and that Aditya is the guy with whom she will be happy. Aditya comes there, asks Dadi to go home, and says she will handle him.
  • Kashvi brings shoes for Karun and Neel. Neel refuses to take it. Kashvi says I have talked to your Mom already. Karun asks Neel to take it from her. He wears the shoes. Neel also takes it and thanks her. Karun comes to the class to keep the shoe bag, and the gun falls from his bag.
  • The kids shout, calling the teacher. Kashvi runs to hear the kids. She goes to Karun. The teacher scolds Karun, asking what gun is doing with him in his bag. Kashvi says this might be some misunderstanding. The teacher says the kids saw the weapon falling from his bag. Karun says it is not my gun.
  • The teacher takes them to the Principal. The Principal tells Kashvi that it is wrong to keep a firearm in a school bag and says that’s why they will expel him from the school. Karun cries and hugs Kashvi. Kashvi tries to soothe him. The Principal asks what your relation is to him and tells them they don’t know her.
  • He says I will message Karun’s mother and ask her to come immediately. Kashvi thinks, who must have kept the gun in his bag? She says she can’t leave Karun alone and will go once his parents come.
  • Adi calls Kashvi. Kashvi excuses her. She tells Adi that she will talk to him later as she is in school. Adi tells her that there is some bad news and says some terrorists fled from jail and are now in Faridabad.
  • He says they want to create disturbance amidst Christmas. He asks her to come now as they have to plan to catch the terrorists. Kashvi thinks I will go here after sorting out the problem here.
  • Adi asks her to come and says it is a national security matter. Karun comes to her. Kashvi thinks she will come. She ended the call and told Karun she had to go to her office due to urgent work. She says your parents must be coming. Karun asks her to go and says you have always helped me.
  • Adi comes to do the trainees’ training and says he will teach them how to focus on the aim today. He asks Arjun to stand, keeping an apple on his head, and says I will teach you to focus and aim.
  • He is about to shoot. Arjun asks Adi if you will shoot me. Adi asks him not to be scared and says my aim is 8/10. Arjun says if the purpose is missed, then the bullet will hit me. Adi says you will be punished. I will not torture you professionally but will tease you.
  • He thinks I gave you the wrong information that my aim is 8/10, but it is 10/10. Arjun says if the bullet hits me. Adi asks him to balance the apple and not move it. He asks the trainees if they want a live demo. They say yes. Adi asks Arjun to focus. Arjun gets scared as Adi shoots at the apple, and the bullet hits the archery board.
  • He says he will hold the apple. Adi asks him to keep an apple on his head. Arjun keeps an apple on his head. Adi shoots at the apple and warns Arjun not to do such things again.
  • Mahima comes to school and starts scolding Karun for bringing the gun to school (when she kept it in his school so that he gets expelled from school). Karun says I didn’t bring it. She says she will call his dad. Arjun opens his bag and finds the gun missing, and gets worried.
  • Precap: Mahima tells Arjun that she has decided to send Karun to boarding school. Karun writes a letter to his Mom and Dad nobody loves him, so he will not stay there.
  • He cries and leaves the school. Adi tells the Police about the terrorists. Kashvi sees a guy taking Karun on his bike and follows him. Arjun tells Mahima that Karun has left home. Mahima was shocked. Kashvi reaches the place and hears Karun shouting Mamma, Dad, save me.

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