Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kashvi confronts Mahira

  • Kashvi gets ready to go for dinner with Adi. Dadi says you are looking lovely. Kashvi says she is going for dinner with Adi and asks her not to misunderstand the situation and tells that when Adi asked her for dinner, she agreed being happy with his gesture. She asks her not to do anything.
  • Dadi says I don’t say anything to anyone. Adi comes there. Kashvi goes with him. Dadi prays for them. Kashvi asks Adi, why he seems to be different. Adi thinks he had done waxing for her, and he had bad experience and the problem is that he can’t even tell her.
  • He asks her to come and he sits in the car. He thinks I am sorry Kashu, I didn’t know that you are very independent and don’t like any guy to open the car door for you and care for you. Kashvi is surprised and asks what happened to Adi, he didn’t open car door for me and his attitude is different. She sits in the car.
  • Kashvi and Adi are dancing while the song plays…….Mahima wakes up Arjun, and he realizes Kashvi and Adi’s dance is just his imagination. Mahima asks him if he got back his job. Arjun says yes and says he was thinking about Minister. Mahima thinks what to do to separate Kashvi and Arjun. Arjun gets up and gun falls down from his bag. He keeps it back in the bag and says I had to submit it and will do it tomorrow. Mahima takes the gun and thinks of an idea.
  • Adi and Kashvi are seated in the restaurant. Adi thinks he wants to run home and put ice on his body. Kashvi asks what happened? He says he is tired. Kashvi asks how was the shooting? Adi says it didn’t happen as he was tired. He asks Kashvi if she has finished the food and asks waiter to bring bill. Kashvi says ok, we will go after paying the bill. Adi asks her to pay the bill and says we will leave. Kashvi thinks what happened to him and pays the bill. She comes home and tells Dadi about Aditya’s changed behavior. Dadi says he might be worried about something. Kashvi says her mood is spoiled, why he made dinner plan. Dadi thinks to talk to him.
  • Later in the night, Mahima gets up from the bed and takes out gun from Arjun’s bag and keep it in Karun’s school bag. She thinks once the school authorities sees the gun, they will throw Karun out of school and then Kashvi will go away from their lives. Adi comes to Kashvi’s house.
  • Dadi says she went and asks Adi why his behavior was changed and tells that Kashvi got upset with him. Adi tells that he has done what Kashvi wants and tells everything. He says he did his full waxing of his body. Dadi says Arjun has fooled you and asks how did you believe him.
  • Adi says I was hopeful and can’t believe that he can play game with me. He thinks I did it so that Kashvi can have change of feelings for me. Dadi asks him not to trust Arjun. Adi says Arjun will repent much, he had done wrong by messing with me.
  • Kashvi comes to talk to Mahira and thinks she will talk to her about Neil. Mahira comes there. Kashvi stops her and confronts her for giving money to Gitika for swapping her dead baby with her alive baby. Mahira asks who told you this and tells that Neel is my son and says it is not truth.
  • Kashvi says she can give good upbringing to Neel and says he is wearing torn shoes. Mahira says Neel is my son and I will give him good upbringing. Kashvi asks her to give her son to her. Mahira refuses to give Neel to her. Kashvi says I will use all my power of civil officer and will get my son.
  • Mahira says Neel is my son and I will not give you my son. She comes to Mahima and accuses her for spoiling her life. Mahima says I have made your life better. Mahira says how you will make my life better by separating my son from me and says Kashvi threatened to use her job to snatch my son, and says I will tell her truth.
  • Mahima says I told you what to do, and asked you to ask money from her, but you spoiled my plan. She says we can make everything fine even now. Mahira says if kashvi tries to meet my son then I will tell her about your drama. Mahima thinks to do something before Mahira exposes her.
  • Precap: Karun finds gun in his bag. Principal says he will be expelled from the school. Kashvi is shocked. Later she sees a guy taking Karun on his bike and searches for him. Karun shouts for help, as the kidnapper is about to harm him using the knife. He shouts Mamma. Kashvi looks on shocked.

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